Optimizing Human Performance

HumanLink aligns people with training, technology, research, and next-level skills.

Our team consults public and private sector customers on how to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of security systems. We apply human factors to drive superior  technology, training, engagement, socialization, and acceptance.

Driving security performance, communication, training, and safety through human factors optimization.

What We Do

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with every component of transportation security by developing strategic partnerships with government agencies, vendors, operators, airline and airport authorities, and industry stakeholders.

Human and Automation

Assess automation’s impact on human performance to provide improvement recommendations.

Passenger Experience

Improve screening efficiency to make it a seamless process for passengers and commerce.

Threat Detection Errors

Improve screening accuracy through early collaboration on stakeholder projects.

What our clients are saying:

As a partner on an International AVSEC CapDev program, HumanLink provided excellent insight, innovative technology solutions and deliverables to help monitor and design screeners and instructors training activities. Bonnie and her team proved to be very sensitive to the various cultural environments -  personable and flexible. Thank you!

Guillaume Chapotte

Culmen International

Bonnie and the team at HumanLink were a joy to work with.  Great communication and incredible flexibility.  No matter how the project twisted and turned, the HumanLink team always adapted quickly and efficiently. Their innovative solutions to our complex problems allowed us to move a multi-million dollar project forward, one that had lost direction and focus. Their efforts helped create a cohesive team between us and our client that had been lacking. Thanks to their efforts, we are paving the way forward with our client in ways we could not have imagined.

Andrew M.

Government Contractor

Bonnie is a great connector of people and builder of valued relationships. I have found that she always brings fresh ideas and a systems approach to solving complex business problems and driving efficiencies.

Matt Zirpoli

Principal, LMI

“CASRA is pleased to acknowledge and commend the outstanding cooperation
demonstrated by our local partner in the USA, Human Link LLC. Their professionalism, dedication, and collaborative approach have been instrumental in achieving shared goals and driving success in our joint endeavors. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership in the future.”


Alex K.


Use Cases

Large Government Contractor

Aviation Large Government Contractor Challenge: An Aviation Government Contractor needed human-factor resources to maintain passenger throughput in order to deploy new technology for passenger screening.

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Shannon Airport, IE

Shannon Airport, IE Challenge: Our client in Ireland needed updated security training for security screeners. The existing training did not include a robust 3D training

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Culmen International

Culmen International Challenge: Our client was contracted to develop an aviation security training program for high risk countries. Objective: Evaluate the current training program and

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Improve Your Performance

Overlooking minor details can lead to major challenges in effective performance or to a serious threat going undetected.

Overlooking minor details can lead to major challenges in effective performance or can lead to a serious threat being undetected. At HumanLink, we train your screeners better. As technology advances, security threats can be better detected with the combination of humans and systems and the combined use of machine-learning, screening protocols, sensors, x-ray, and CT technology to enhance screener metrics. We understand how to train people and help them improve as security screeners, working side by side with technology by maximizing human capabilities and minimizing human limitations.