Ongoing Impact of Covid on DHS Screeners and Security 

COVID-19 Understand Your Risk: Act to stay safe

Ongoing Impact of Covid on DHS Screeners and Security See the article in Security Magazine here. Mental and physical health have been given greater priority in many workplaces over the recent past, where they were previously ignored. With this rise in mental and physical employee health awareness, it is easy to overlook the fact that […]

HumanLink, LLC Approved for Pilot Study on Advanced 3D Security Training by the Transportation Security Administration Innovation Task Force (TSA ITF)

tsa agent looks at baggage xray while passenger is screened with a metal detector wand

HumanLink, LLC, a leader in human factors data and training, will provide their experience in the field by addressing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s need for a Universal Training Platform solution. HumanLink will conduct a pilot study for TSA’s Innovation Task Force (ITF) utilizing an innovative X-ray screening tool known as the XRT-4. The goal […]