CASRA / Symposit

Research-based technology for best-in-breed security training and IT solutions

We collaborate with every component of transportation security by developing strategic partnerships with government agencies, vendors, operators, airline and airport authorities, and industry stakeholders.

HumanLink, LLC is a proud affiliate with CASRA, an interdisciplinary team of scientists, security experts, applied psychologists and software engineers with a common purpose and mission to improve aviation security.

HumanLink, LLC has also combined efforts with the IT firm Symposit, LLC. Together we participated in the 2021 I/ITSEC Trade Show to showcase and promote improved security posture practices and initiatives.

CASRA technology defies all others with its enhanced screening capabilities, allowing not only single-view images but dual-view and 3D computer tomography technology. XRT4 runs on the latest technology, without any plug-in on various internet browsers. XRT4 is highly flexible and configurable and supports different user interfaces.

man looking at monitor with ied xray overlay