Culmen International

Challenge: Our client was contracted to develop an aviation security training program for high risk countries.

Objective: Evaluate the current training program and provide recommendations for improvement which included performing a readability assessment, observations, interviews and document review.

Solution: Provide overall assessment of all areas of training, and provide actionable recommendations.

Strategy: Reviewed all training presentations and policy documents and developed a common lexicon, performed readability statistical analysis on presentations for the candidates, interviewed current trainers and trainees, and developed an over-arching paper with recommendations for improvement. We simplified the training materials and revised the language to ensure ease of readability by the majority of security screeners to encompass a broader range of grade levels.

After our mission was completed, we conducted observations of the new training protocols and created a comprehensive report for our client with recommendations of improvement.

After revision, the Flesch-Kinkaid reading e-score increased by an average of eighteen points, with the grade level of all sixteen training modules decreasing by 4.1 points.