Humanlink and Decision Gates

The Partnership to Support and Enhance Aviation Security within Africa

Announcing an Aviation Security Partnership with a Focus on Africa – Proven Technology, Training, and Security Experts with African States’ Success.

Our Focus

• 12 years working with African Businesses and Aviation

• Tailored Technology systems and processes that optimize existing protocols and teams

• Strategic Partnerships with research and commercial security teams

• Human & Automation research and application experience

• Passenger Experience review from curb to gate

• Threat Detection and Crisis Management

• Security and Facilitation Assessment

Our Combined Capabilities

• Workforce training, hiring and retention

• Leadership training, mentoring, and capacity development

• Needs assessment

• Gap analysis

• Strategic plan to proactively address gaps and future state

• User perceptions

• Human Systems Integration (HSI) assessment

• Process assessments and improvements

• Standard Operating Procedures review and revisions

• Strategic planning and communication

• Evaluating and improving work culture

• Workstation design and optimization

• Airport Security Assessment

• Checkpoint and Baggage systems design and review

• Screening technology recommendation and installation

• Access control systems and perimeter technology review, recommendation and installation

• Checkpoint/Baggage optimization 

• Behavior Detection (signs of deception) and Awareness training

HumanLink, LLC is a specialized consulting firm, dedicated to improving human performance and operational effectiveness and efficiency by assessing how Human Systems Integration (HSI) can be incorporated in all facets of transportation security. A proponent of validated training, HumanLink has expertise in all areas of AVSEC training, pre-hire assessments and competency assessments. Our proven approach focuses on strategically examining and integrating physical, social, cognitive and sensory abilities of the user population. HumanLink strives to create strategies that optimize system performance, in the United States and in the international transportation community. 

Decision Gates Consulting, LLC is a foremost aviation management and security consultation company with a niche in developing and implementing customized solutions for the African continent. With a focus on security facilitation, Decision Gates fosters an environment where security provision is woven seamlessly into the fabric of air travel, thereby elevating the security baseline without impeding passenger and staff movement. We specialize in introducing western aviation and security companies to the vast potentials and opportunities on the African continent.

Our Leadership: HumanLink, LLC and Decision Gates, LLC

Bonnie Kudrick is the CEO and managing principal consultant at HumanLink, LLC, a global expert in the field of Human Factors and Aviation Security. A founder and former Manager of the United States Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Human Performance Branch in Arlington, Virginia, Bonnie has over 25 years of professional experience working at Lucent Technologies, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Technologies, and other leading consulting firms, before joining TSA. 

Bonnie’s expert knowledge of airport operations stands out among her many abilities. Her experience includes evaluating security systems, researching, and assessing capability gaps, developing mitigation strategies as needed, proposals, training assessments and Training platforms, working with airports to identify future plans that will anticipate the expected growth, and cognitive analyses. 

With field operations that involve evaluating operator performance, processes, and procedures, passenger experience, analysis, workstation design recommendations and implementation, training, and testing, Bonnie works in close coordination with senior leadership, airport and regional directors, and Screeners, both in the U.S. and in the international aviation community

Olusheyi (Sheyi) Ogunleye is the CEO and Principal Partner at Decision Gates Consulting, LLC, specializing in aviation management and security consultation with a niche in developing and implementing customized solutions for the African continent. With a focus on security facilitation, Decision Gates fosters customer environments where security provisions are seamlessly woven into the fabric of air travel, elevating the security baseline without impeding passenger or staff movement. 

With over 28 years of aviation security and anti-terrorism experience, Sheyi is a true and tested expert in his field. Working for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for over 19 years, Sheyi served in several leadership roles including security manager, Customer Support & Quality Improvement Manager, and Stakeholder Manager at the Oakland International Airport and internationally as the TSA Attache and Representative to 13 West African nations. 

With Sheyi’s leadership, vision, and network, Decision Gates is well positioned to contribute to the elevation of the security baseline in emerging aviation markets through customized solutions that incorporate western technology, training, and leadership ideals.