Our Story

Bonnie Kudrick

Founder and CEO
Bonnie Kudrick is the founder and CEO of HumanLink, LLC. Founded in 2019, Bonnie is a pioneer in integrating and promoting the importance of Human Factors in the federal government. Bonnie specializes in Human Factors Engineering, graduating from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Psychology and the University of Idaho with a Masters of Science in Human Factors Engineering. She also obtained her certificate in Leadership Training through American University.

With her vast understanding of how critical the human piece of any successful person/system team, Bonnie successfully established the Human Performance Branch at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The primary element that has ensured Bonnie's success with clients in private and public agencies is her ability to lead, listen, and respond to the specific challenges that government agencies, airlines, airports, vendors, and operators face on a daily basis.

Darrell Lee

Human Factors Engineer
Darrell Lee is a graduate student and student researcher at the University of Idaho pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Factors Engineering. Darrell graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and has experience in the behavioral field working as a psycho-social rehabilitation specialist and as a para-professional.

Darrell loves to learn about new and exciting technologies and how people interact with those technologies. He also has a fascination with anything that can fly; he builds and flies drones and remote-controlled aircraft in his spare time.

Brianna Burche

Brianna Burche is a recent graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business Management from Rhode Island College, where she graduated Cum Laude and Dean’s List.

For the last few years, she worked at Recreation Equipment Inc. (REI) as a sales associate while finishing her graduate education. Brianna's work with HumanLink will inform and expand her understanding of human factors and psychology.
Emi Wilson

Emi Wilson

Research Asssistant
Emi Wilson is a graduate student at the University of Idaho pursuing a master's degree in Human Factors Engineering. She received her undergraduate degree in Human Factors Psychology from the University of Utah.

Emi has extensive research in the field of Human Factors and Applied Experimental Psychology. Her past experiences have included work within the DoD, virtual and augmented reality, navigation, situational awareness, spatial cognition, and more recently, medical device Human Factors and surgical robotics. A lifelong learner, Emi is fascinated by evolving technologies and has a passion for discovering and optimizing the way humans interact with existing and new technology.

Improve Your Performance

Overlooking minor details can lead to major challenges in effective performance or to a serious threat going undetected.

Overlooking minor details can lead to major challenges in effective performance or can lead to a serious threat being undetected. At HumanLink, we train your screeners better. As technology advances, security threats can be better detected with the combination of humans and systems and the combined use of machine-learning, screening protocols, sensors, x-ray, and CT technology to enhance screener metrics. We understand how to train people and help them improve as security screeners, working side by side with technology by maximizing human capabilities and minimizing human limitations.