HumanLink, LLC, a leader in human factors data and training, will provide their experience in the field by addressing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s need for a Universal Training Platform solution. HumanLink will conduct a pilot study for TSA’s Innovation Task Force (ITF) utilizing an innovative X-ray screening tool known as the XRT-4. The goal of this collaborative pilot study is to test the XRT-4’s efficacy in United States airport environments. As new security screening equipment is developed and deployed, the need for aviation screeners to have relevant training to utilize the newest technology for maximum security efficiency and effectiveness is an ever-present situation.

“The goal of this effort is to provide TSA with information to make data-driven decisions on the optimal training platform for their sizable and diverse workforce,” said Bonnie Kudrick, President, and founder of HumanLink. “We can improve airport security screening processes, threat detection, increased security dynamics, and provide transportation security solutions that will positively affect the passenger experience. Just as important, we can support the people who operate as our security force, and improve their experience and effectiveness.”

The XRT-4 training system was developed after years of research by the Swiss research group CASRA, which identifies training, feedback, and skills that screeners need to increase threat detection and decrease false alarm rates. This proven technology uses metrics and human factors to improve training and testing solutions for security officers and X-ray screeners within all screening environments. XRT-4 is a web-based flexible, state-of-the-art training platform, easily accessible to TSA’s geographically dispersed workforce and has been used in over 9,000 locations worldwide.

HumanLink is the exclusive distributor of the XRT-4 training platform, which will be assessed by TSA at a U.S. airport(s). HumanLink partner, Symposit, will integrate and establish its secure environments, ensuring compliance with TSA’s standards and meeting impact level security requirements. CASRA’s XRT-4 software includes applications for airports, customs, cargo, prisons, and other environments requiring high levels of security and screening.

About HumanLink:

HumanLink, LLC is an EDWOSB founded by Bonnie Kudrick, a pioneer in integrating and promoting the importance of Human Factors in the federal government. HumanLink, LLC is dedicated to maximizing human capabilities through its expertise in integrating improved Graphical User Interface (GUI) analysis and design, process improvements, training, hiring and retention, work culture, workstation design, and technology recommendations and implementation. They collaborate with every component of transportation security by developing strategic partnerships with government agencies, vendors, operators, airline and airport authorities, and industry stakeholders.

About Symposit:

Symposit, LLC is an 8(a) Small Business Information Technology advisory firm with 14 years of experience providing tactical value to federal entities and private businesses. Symposit is a proven government contractor in deploying, operating, modernizing, and securing IT systems and networks for agencies including USNRC, the Department of State, and HHS. Additional capabilities include Strategic Advisory Management, Cloud Architecture and Integration, Systems and Network Engineering, and Physical and Cyber Security.